Shopping Carts and Flea Markets

by motherblue212

My Secret Messages

My cell phone camera is, in a word, crap. Well, it is certainly not the worst but is definitely not the best. It has no zoom and the images colors are way off kilter. The pics can only be uploaded to the computer by emailing each one of them INDIVIDUALLY, one pic at a time, to myself. It is a long and arduous process, but I thought this might be a great opportunity to present myself an exercise in simplicity (albeit while using tedious technology).

So I set off to try to capture my day in a compelling way. No zoom, no flash, low resolution, a few words, a few things, a few moments, captured in utter imperfection.

Heading through tunnels


Second hand store:

Leftover Christmas

Leftover Dolly

Leftover Sitcoms

Leftover Croce

Leftover leftovers

Leftover upswing

"Al — Just to thank you for being a stout fella and a good agrivator. Wishing you a good race."

Leftover Kitsch

Leftover seating

He never stopped riding.

Leftover stain

Leftover legs

Leftover tinting

Spontaneous Husband

The clouds that followed me home